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Language and cultural studies minor

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- Savannah

By exploring a language and culture that surrounds the language, students can elevate their awareness and understanding of global issues. Students progress through coursework that approaches communication from historical, visual, literary and linguistic traditions and perspectives with emphasis on cultural literacy and instruction in a foreign language.

  • — Directed elective*

  • — Directed elective†

  • — Directed elective†
  • — Foreign language I‡

  • — Foreign language II‡

  • — Foreign language III‡

Total course of study: 30 hours

* Choose one of the following: ANTH 106 Language, Culture and Society; CHIN 150 Journey the Yangtze: Survey of Chinese Culture; or COMM 205 Intercultural Communication. (CHIN 150 Journey the Yangtze: Survey of Chinese Culture may only be selected when pursuing the Chinese language).
† Choose one the following that corresponds to the selected foreign language: ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence; ARTH 271 Art of China; ARTH 285 Power and the Arts in Asia; ARTH 370 French Modernism; ARTH 372 French Impressionism; ARTH 383 Ancient Mesoamerican Art and Architecture; ENGL 179 French Literature: Love, Madness and Death; ENGL 186 Latin American Literature: Magic and Machismo; or ENGL 215 Chinese Literature in Translation.
‡ To satisfy the foreign language requirement, all three courses must be in the same language.