Furniture design student working in CNC lab at Gulfstream Center for Design

Furniture design minor

Available at:  
- Savannah
  • FURN 200 Furniture Materials and Techniques I: Tools, Fabrication and Joinery
  • FURN 201 Design Studio: Introduction to Furniture
  • FURN 307 History of Furniture Design
  • Select one of these four options:

  • FURN 236 Furniture Materials and Techniques II: Integrating Design and Fabrication
  • FURN 301 Furniture Practices: Metal
  • FURN 302 Materials and Processes
  • FURN 303 Design Studio: Market Context and Furniture Design
  • Select one of these three options:

  • FURN 305 Design Studio: Furniture Design for the Market
  • FURN 309 Electronic Design and Visualization
  • FURN 311 Methods of Wood Bending

Total course of study: 25 hours