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Electronic design minor

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The electronic design minor allows students to expand the intellectual and technical skills needed to design, analyze and synthesize effective 2-D and 3-D form typology, utilizing rapid prototyping techniques, and effective collaboration and communication skills. Coursework includes 2-D and 3-D design, visualization and communication, animation and virtual representation, and multimedia and interactive design as they relate to the building arts professions.

  • CMPA 100 Survey of Computer Art Applications*
  • CMPA 110 Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications*
  • ELDS 205 Computer-aided Product Design*
  • ELDS 225 Electronic Design I: Digital Communication for the Building Arts
  • ELDS 325 Electronic Design II: Digital Modeling, Rendering and Spatial Simulation
  • ELDS 330 Visualization in Digital Design
  • ELDS 425 Digital Design Practice and Project Management†
  • ELDS 475 Spatial Simulation and Visualization in the Building Arts†

Total course of study: 25 hours

* Choose one of these three courses.
† Choose one of these two courses.