John Webber

Associate chair, animation


A.A., advertising design, St. Clair County Community College-Port Huron, 1991


The entrepreneurial spirit developed when co-founding Project Firefly Animation Studios on the Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, back lot

John Webber began his animation career with Walt Disney Feature Animation back in 1994 when he started in the clean-up department on the "Pines of Rome" sequence in "Fantasia 2000." He worked with some of the top supervising animators on "Pocahontas" and "Hercules" and then moved to Disney's Orlando, Florida, facility where he animated on the character of Mushu in "Mulan." Webber also animated on lead characters for "John Henry," Lilo in "Lilo and Stitch" and Kenai in "Brother Bear." He completed his digital training with Disney when the Orlando facility was shuttered and became a founding partner in a full-service animation studio called Project Firefly. Firefly was responsible for completing more than 20 percent of the "Curious George" movie, among other client-based projects. After three years at Firefly, Webber worked for several months as a digital animation lab assistant with Full Sail University before joining the faculty at SCAD.