Jason Butcher

Animation professor


  • B.F.A., studio and printmaking, Georgia State University
  • M.F.A., fine art, University of Cincinnati


  • A decade of experience instructing courses in 2-D animation, drawing and design, storyboarding and visualization for time-based media and interactive art.
  • Proprietor, JRB LLC, 2012 to present
  • Instructor and gallery coordinator, The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, 2007–2016
  • Audio visual specialist, Malone Design/Fabrication, 2007–2011

Awards, recognitions and honors

  • Director’s Citation (Honorable Mention), Black Maria Film Festival, 2006
  • Wolfenstein Travel Fellowship (Mütter Museum, Glore Psychiatric Museum), 2005

Publications and Presentations

Publications and presentations

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  • Grace Thornton, “Jason Butcher shows movie madness at As in A Mirror, Dimly,” Creative Loafing, Aug. 20, 2012
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  • Jeremy Abernathy, “Le Flash ‘08 / Castleberry—Highlights”, BURNAWAY, 2008

Selected exhibitions

  • “It’s Not You, It’s Us,” Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, Dec. 2015
  • “Careless Whiskers,” Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, Sept.–Oct. 2015
  • “The Lagoon,” Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 2015
  • “Restless Devices” (w/ Joe Elias Tsambiras), Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, 2010
  • “Without Words,” Borderline Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 2013
  • “Alchemy” exhibition series, Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 2012, 2013