Transient status/credit

SCAD students who wish to attend another college or university during their enrollment at SCAD and receive transfer credit may apply for transient status. In order to qualify for transient status, undergraduate students must be in good academic standing and have a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Graduate students requesting transient status must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and should be advised that transient credit is rare at the graduate level. Students must complete their final 45 hours at SCAD and are not eligible for transient credit during that period. Undergraduate students may transfer no more than 90 total hours of credit, including transient credit.

Students who qualify for transient status must consult with their staff adviser in order to complete a transient status application. A course description or syllabus from each course the student wishes to take will be required. The application is evaluated for eligibility for transfer credit, and the student is notified of the decision within two weeks of application. This process must be completed before the student begins transient study. Students should also consult with their staff adviser to determine the impact of transient status/credit on their financial aid or scholarship award.

Upon completion of transient study, the student must submit an official transcript from the other institution that reflects the final grade(s) earned in the course(s). These transcripts must be submitted to the transfer admission office by the end of the term immediately following completion of coursework in order for the student to receive transfer of credit. Undergraduate students must earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) for a course to be applied as transfer credit while graduate students must earn a minimum grade of B (3.0). The credit is recorded as T on the transcript and is not calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA.