Military mobilization

SCAD’s military mobilization policy is intended to provide financial relief for students affected by military mobilization. This policy protects students who are members of a state National Guard or reserve forces of the United States and who are ordered to report for state or federal military service. When a currently enrolled student (or the spouse of a currently enrolled student, if the spouse has a dependent child) has received orders to deploy, the student should submit a copy of the orders to the registrar’s office. The registrar’s office will communicate to student financial services that the change in the student’s status is the result of military mobilization. The student shall be given the option to receive a full refund of tuition and fees for courses that he or she will be unable to complete due to deployment, regardless of the point during the quarter at which the student withdraws.

If the student wishes, he or she may opt to receive a grade of incomplete for courses he or she is unable to complete due to deployment, with the option to finish the courses at a later date. Alternatively, the student may make arrangements with his or her instructors for final grades in courses that will not be fully completed. If the student opts for a grade of incomplete, or for final grades prior to the end of the current quarter, registration shall remain intact, and the student will be responsible for tuition and fees in full. If the student seeks an incomplete, he or she will not be eligible to withdraw from the course after the end of the quarter. In order to replace the incomplete grade with a final grade, all work must be turned in for grading on or before the midterm of one of the two quarters succeeding the conclusion of military service, except in the case of an eLearning course. In such cases, when the type of deployment allows, work is due by the midterm of the next quarter.

If a currently enrolled student is registered in one or more eLearning courses when deployed, the student may decide to remain registered in eLearning classes based on his or her type of deployment.

Administration of the student’s account
The financial aid office will perform the standard return of Title IV refund calculation based on the student’s withdrawal date. Funds will be returned to the appropriate program as mandated by federal regulation. If the student withdraws, SCAD will refund 100 percent of his or her personal payments for that quarter. Any balance created by the return of funds to appropriate programs and personal funds will be written off by SCAD. If the student receives a grade of incomplete, registration in the same class during one of the two quarters succeeding the conclusion of military service will be permitted at no charge to the student.