Attendance and personal conduct

Only students who are properly registered for a course may attend and participate in that course. Students are not permitted to participate in courses in which they are not registered. The official course roster determines enrollment. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are enrolled for each course in which they are participating.

Students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled classes and examination periods. Absences in excess of four class periods per quarter, or 20 percent of the course, result in the student receiving a failing grade for the course, unless the student withdraws from the course in accordance with the withdrawal policy. Tardiness, early departure or other time away from class in excess of 15 minutes per class session is considered an absence for that class session. Classes missed due to late registration are included in the overall absences permitted for the class.

Not attending class during the first week of any term will result in a delay in disbursement of financial aid, and may also result in the student being dropped from classes. Students should contact their success adviser in advance if they expect to miss classes during the first week.

Students taking online courses are required to check the online course site regularly and participate in the daily work of the course. At minimum, students should log in and participate in the class, or in an academically related activity within the course, two separate days per week. Students demonstrating no activity within the first three weeks will be dropped from the course. Students who fail to meet the minimum requirement within the first three weeks will be withdrawn from the course. Absences in excess of 20 percent result in the student receiving a failing grade for the course.

Students’ appearance and conduct should be appropriate and should contribute to the academic and professional atmosphere of SCAD.

The university reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw the privilege of enrollment from any student whose conduct is detrimental to the academic environment or to the well-being of other students, faculty, staff members, or university facilities.