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SCAD offers first-ever branded entertainment undergraduate degree program

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), known for its innovative curriculum and exceeding standards in industry technology, recently introduced branded entertainment into its creative lexicon and began offering the first degree of its kind in Fall 2014.

The spaces for digital media are tailored at SCAD to the needs of each program and its students. The SCAD Digital Media Center in Atlanta establishes branded entertainment as a discipline and offers a real-world studio environment, in-house theater and green screen lab, providing students with the best environment to develop the next generation of graphics and interactive design.

Customers intensify need for creativity and technology.

Branded entertainment goes beyond traditional advertising and works across multiple platforms to attract loyal consumers to promote brands of the future. It transforms brands into characters, companies into storytellers and responds to new media trends by captivating consumers’ hearts and minds.

SCAD’s Bachelor of Fine Arts academic programming emphasizes collaboration among filmmaking, photography, graphic design, illustration, sequential art, writing, interactive design and game development, and advertising, preparing students to seamlessly transition from the classroom to a successful multi-platform professional campaign.

Leadership and industry demand.

Under guidance from worldwide advertising and marketing professional Stafford Green, who leveraged his personal network of industry powerhouses such as The Coca-Cola Company for the program creation, SCAD’s programming fulfills a growing demand for creative professionals to drive and deliver key performance based content.

“All of us are hunting for exceptional content – meaningful, relevant storytelling,”said Green. “Brands can credibly fill this thriving consumer demand and be rewarded for it. For graduates this means fun, meaningful, awesome creative careers in everything from film to gaming.“

Green will serve as program founder and honorary department chairperson at SCAD Atlanta. He brings forward thinking, award-winning leadership to the program, backed with more than 25 years of global marketing experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Green rose through the ranks of The Coca-Cola Company to become founder of the Coca-Cola Content Factory, a marketing arm focused on the creation of branded entertainment. He specializes in turning film, gaming and advertising assets into a creative digital strategy and will serve as a trove of firsthand knowledge for SCAD’s students.

“Stafford was one of our most creative in-house marketers. His experience and leadership in authentic branded storytelling was important for The Coca-Cola Company’s transformation to transparent, authentic, organic and sustainable marketing.” said Joe Tripodi, chief marketing and commercial officer for The Coca-Cola Company.


SCAD: The University for Creative Careers

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