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Imagine that you had access to Google's infrastructural and financial resources. What might you create to help others realize what they imagine to be a better life? Students across multiple disciplines and cultures worked with Google in order to identify problems and create powerful solutions for them that resulted in user-driven smartphone applications.



initial problems and concepts


final concepts and prototypes


student nationalities represented

Project approach

The team began by exploring a broad range of global problems to address. With formative research, the list was narrowed to four problems with potentially high impact: environmental concerns, pedestrian safety, parent-teacher communication and young professional relocation.

The team split into four groups, each composed of students skilled in user experience, visual design, research and strategy. Those individual groups then empathized, defined, ideated, prototyped, evaluated and refined the proposed solutions.

By reaching out to the general public to collect assumptions and discover values, the students were better able to identify the needs of users. After analyzing these needs, the teams were able to form high-potential goals and iterate through the product design process. They were then able to validate their solutions with users.

Project leads

Jason Fox, graphic design chair
John McCabe, service design academic program coordinator

"The speed at which the students were able to adopt and apply the process was remarkable, and the detail, quality and user focus of the final solutions were both impressive and inspiring."

Mike Buzzard | Google design manager

Project outcomes

By the end of the 10-week quarter, each group had participated in a research phase, an ideation and prototyping phase, and a crafting and presenting phase. The work moved from foundational research to lo-fi to hi-fi, and with each step, the students tested the prototypes on potential users to ensure efficacy and quality.

The completed products are innovative smartphone applications and services that promote positive change for both micro and macro populations. The final deliverables include branding, product appropriate UI/UX, and clearly communicated functionality.

"We definitely are ready for the industry. SCADpro really prepares us because we give presentations every week and conduct our own independent research."

Kate Johnson | B.F.A., advertising, 2016

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