Financial aid eForms

This page contains financial aid eForms and information for students and parents. Please be aware that once the FAFSA has been completed, the student will receive an email from SCAD that indicates any additional financial aid requirements for the upcoming year.

Incoming students with a MySCAD account should log in to view their personalized financial aid requirements in the “Financial Aid Requirements” channel, under the My Info tab in MySCAD.

Don’t have a MySCAD account yet?

If you are a new student and do not yet have a MySCAD account, you can access the documents you will need using the links below. Most forms can be completed online and will be submitted to SCAD electronically.

2016-2017 Academic Year

SCAD utilizes electronic forms, or eForms, to complete most verification requirements for financial aid. Using eForms allows students and parents to fill out required information online, sign and submit documentation electronically. This submission process allows SCAD to quickly and securely process student information.

New students: Click the corresponding links below to be connected to the eForms website. You will need to create a username and password the first time you log in to the eForms website.

If you were instructed to submit any documents as a part of the verification process, including copies of IRS Tax Return Transcripts — verification clarifications requested by financial aid, tax extension paperwork, proof of identity documents or other materials — you can do so using the Upload Financial Aid Document form. This is the most secure method to submit documentation to the university.

Note: If you are an accepted student and have submitted your US $500 enrollment fee, please access your eForms through MySCAD > My Info tab > Financial Aid Requirements channel.


Dependent students:


Independent students:

Questions about verification? Learn more about the verification process.


Georgia residency verification form

If you are a qualifying Georgia resident undergraduate student, you must complete the Georgia Scholarship Grant application to apply for funds from the state of Georgia. Depending upon the information received, you may also be required to submit a separate Georgia residency form from SCAD along with supporting documentation:


Request for change in financial aid

Submit requests for changes in existing financial aid awards to


Private education loan self-certification form

This form is required only for students applying for and receiving a private or alternative education loan. This form should be completed by the student borrower and submitted directly to the lender, as requested.


Unsatisfactory progress appeal

To appeal to have your financial aid reinstated, complete the Unsatisfactory Progress Appeal form.


Dislocated worker

If you indicate "dislocated worker" on the FAFSA, SCAD will send notification that additional documentation is required. If you choose to pursue professional judgment on this categorization, the appropriate dislocated worker review form must be completed and returned to the student financial services department.

Students are notified in writing of the outcome of the professional judgment review.


2015-16 Verification worksheets

Dependent students:

Independent students: