SCAD Lacoste — an idyllic medieval village

Since the 15th century, artists have made the pilgrimage to Lacoste, France, simply to witness the purity of its light. Today, artists still flock to this flawlessly preserved medieval village, now under the auspices of SCAD. As a student studying abroad in Lacoste, you will revel in pastoral beauty while you shed the distractions of daily life and focus on your craft.

Earn credits along with a world of experience

Course offerings at SCAD Lacoste vary each quarter, giving you the opportunity to earn credit toward many of our degree programs while experiencing the magnificent culture of Provence. You may also take a portion of your foundation studies, general education or elective courses in Lacoste, as available.

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"Everything that a student could ever need is located in Lacoste ... it is all-emcompassing, all the time. Every moment is a shared and teachable moment."

Eleanor Twiford | Director of SCAD study abroad
Field trip to Fort du Beaux

Go on the trip of a lifetime

Students at SCAD Lacoste gain even more cultural experience and worldly perspective through excursions to nearby cities and villages. Previous destinations include:

  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Paris
  • Nîmes and Pont du Gard
  • Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
  • And more ...

Gain insight from visiting artists

As with all of SCAD's locations around the globe, visiting artists, designers and professionals come to SCAD Lacoste to inspire — and be inspired by — our students. Recent visitors include:

  • London-based illustrator and printmaker Christopher Brown
  • Academy Award-winning screenwriter Geoffery Fletcher
  • CFDA Award-winning fashion designers Creatures of the Wind
  • Among many others ...
Field trip to Roussillon, France

Learn how to apply to study abroad

Whether you're a current SCAD student or aren't yet enrolled with the university, you're invited to join us for a study-abroad experience in Lacoste.

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Important dates

There are important steps to follow prior to studying abroad in Lacoste, including completing applications, registering for courses, paying all program fees and attending a pre-departure orientation.

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Inhabit a piece of history with cutting-edge modern amenities

At SCAD Lacoste, you’ll live and study in facilities dating from the ninth to the 19th centuries. These historic spaces have been beautifully renovated to include all of the high-end resources you need, such as a digitally connected library, printmaking and photography labs, studio and lecture classrooms, and more.

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Explore the indelible history of Maison Basse

La Maison Basse has led many lives during the past eight centuries, including tenure as a farmhouse, inn, way station for bear tamers and, perhaps most notoriously, a carriage house-cum-gambling den for the infamous Marquis de Sade. This centerpiece of the Luberon valley fell into disrepair after 40-plus years of neglect, until a generous donation helped SCAD bring it back to life.

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The student experience at SCAD is nothing short of inspirational

Follow in the footsteps of other artists since the 1600s and draw inspiration from Lacoste. Can't wait to go? Experience the magic now through Twitter and Instagram.

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