Alternative funding sources

Institutional scholarships, outside scholarships, federal/state aid programs and personal funds may fall short of a student's anticipated budget for educational expenses. Alternative (credit-based) loans from private lenders are one source of funding that may help compensate for any shortfall. However, parents and students should be aware that these loans may be a more expensive way of borrowing and they should read all the information available on these loans to select the lender with the most suitable terms. Regarding private education loans, the best source of information is the lender. Programs and qualifying regulations are subject to change without notice.

Elmselect provides a list of lenders that are providing products and services for many SCAD student and families.

Additional funding resources that may apply:

Outside scholarships are another option to secure additional educational funding. Check with local civic organizations and large corporations for scholarship applications. When using aggregate websites to search for scholarship opportunities keep in mind that there are many free providers.