eLearning at SCAD

SCAD eLearning's collaborative online environment empowers students to connect to faculty and programs without disconnecting from their professional and personal lives. Courses begin and end on a 10-week schedule to coincide with the university's academic calendar.

A setting for creative discovery

SCAD is the first art and design university to receive the Instructional Technology Council’s award for Outstanding Distance Education Program and the rank of Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Teaching and Learning from the Sloan Consortium.

SCAD's online courses are tailored to student needs and taught by the same faculty as our on-the-ground courses.

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A degree from SCAD leads to future success

SCAD alumni work for some of the top companies, organizations and brands in the world, including Apple, DC Comics, DreamWorks, Disney, ESPN, Google, National Geographic and more. Ninety-seven percent of eLearning graduates reported being employed, pursuing further education or both within 10 months of graduation.

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The SCAD standard

SCAD eLearning's accredited and award-winning programs are widely recognized for excellence. The eLearning program unites working professionals and other artists and designers from around the globe. SCAD eLearning has been recognized with honors from the Instructional Technology Council, the Online Learning Consortium and other organizations.

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