Knowledge and networking for industry aficionados and professionals

SCADFILM is the leading program for students and working professionals in film and television, animation, gaming, virtual reality and digital arts, offering unparalleled career opportunities to learn and network.

SCADFILM festivals

Quarterly gatherings of professionals, industry leaders and next-generation talent in animation, gaming, television and the future of augmented and virtual reality.


Gain creative and production insights from the experts behind the scenes and discover the latest tools and techniques to improve your skills and abilities.

Gain in-depth experience with industry-standard resources

SCAD Digital Media Center, SCAD Atlanta

SCAD Digital Media Center

Atlanta, Georgia

SCADshow, SCAD Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia

Ivy Hall, SCAD Atlanta

Ivy Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Experience the SCAD dedication to film

In response to the growth of the entertainment, animation, gaming and AR/VR businesses, SCADFILM continues to expand its offerings, events, programming, resources, and technology to keep students, alumni and industry professionals in step with — and ahead of — these booming, multibillion-dollar industries.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Say It With Music’ - Creating a Musical Virtual Reality Experience

Go Behind the Screen at 2017 aTVfest

Reed Morano and Olivia Wilde at Savannah Film Festival

SCAD School of Entertainment Arts

The SCAD School of Entertainment Arts incorporates a diverse array of degree programs designed to guide students as they master the art forms and industries that amuse, entertain and inspire. Cutting-edge resources and equipment in every department, coupled with an experienced, acclaimed faculty, facilitate student development in these highly relevant fields. Programs feature curricula that bolster students' creative visions while providing a sound basis in both theory and practice, creating the entertainment industry leaders of tomorrow.

SCAD School of Digital Media

The SCAD School of Digital Media combines artistry and technology within a framework that reflects the highest standards of entertainment production. Digital media students earn degrees in animation, interactive design and game development, motion media design, television producing and visual effects, and gain the technical mastery to launch their careers. Through the production-ready SCAD Digital Media Center, state-of-the-art resources, hands-on opportunities and career-building connections, SCAD students are prepared to rise to the pinnacle of their professions.

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