Transfer student portfolio submission requirements

Applicants must use the online file management system SlideRoom to submit a portfolio for review. From SlideRoom, applicants can upload still images, Word documents, digital and multimedia files and find instructions for creating a corresponding inventory of work in the portfolio (required) including titles, dates, media, dimensions, and specific responsibilities on group projects, if applicable. A fee of US$10 is charged by SlideRoom for each portfolio submission.

If a student wishes to submit a portfolio that combines visual and digital media, the portfolio may include the following:

  • Up to eight traditional, visual art or design pieces with a maximum of three minutes of digital or time-based media work

Otherwise, students are required to submit one of the following:

  • 10-20 traditional, visual art or design pieces
  • Five to 15 pages of written work, including research papers, creative writing, dramatic writing or other fictional work
  • A four-minute audition consisting of one of the following: two contrasting monologues or a monologue presented with a song or dance
  • A five-minute digital or time-based media piece

SCAD Hong Kong applicants may choose to make an appointment on campus with admission staff to hand in application materials including the portfolio. All portfolio submissions must be in a digital format. Portfolios can be submitted on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. Files should be saved as JPEG, PDF, or as a digital portfolio created in PowerPoint or Flash (JPEG images are preferred). Please note that digital portfolios will not be returned to students once submitted.

Portfolio submission

SlideRoom allows you to upload files for submission to the admission department as a portfolio. If you have not yet applied to SCAD and would like your work reviewed for admission or scholarship consideration, begin the admission process by applying

Submit portfolio