Transfer student portfolio and writing guidelines

Transfer portfolios, auditions, writing and riding submissions are accepted from applicants who wish to be considered for achievement scholarships. Applicants may submit any type of work, regardless of what major they are interested in pursuing. All portfolio types should showcase an applicant's best work, presented as professionally as possible. Portfolios should demonstrate the applicant's interests in and aptitudes for advanced study and, specifically, potential for success at SCAD.

Applicants are encouraged to submit only their best work. It is not necessary to add extra work if it is not consistently strong. Applicants should not submit work copied from film, television, photographs, magazine/book illustrations or other sources. All materials submitted should be clearly labeled with applicant's name and contact information and cannot be returned.

Portfolio-based course exemption

Admitted new students may request and submit documentation for portfolio-based course exemption through the admission office. Currently enrolled students should request and submit documentation for portfolio-based course exemption to the appropriate department chair. Documentation should demonstrate mastery of skills and sufficient knowledge of content taught in a specific university-level course. A student who is exempted from a required course does not earn academic credit for that course, but may substitute a course from the same subject area as approved by the department chair to fulfill the number of hours required to complete degree requirements.