SCAD Summer Seminars

Student life


SCAD Summer Seminars Atlanta
P.O. Box 77300 Atlanta, GA 30357
Phone: 404.253.2700 or 877.722.3285

SCAD Summer Seminars Savannah 
P.O. Box 2072 Savannah, GA 31402
Phone: 912.525.5100 or 800.869.7223

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SCAD Summer Seminars botanical gardens

Take a more in-depth look at life as a Summer Seminars student, both as a residential participant staying in SCAD housing or as a commuting student with his or her own accommodations.

This overview includes the student experience, getting to and from SCAD facilities, SCAD residence halls and accommodations, and dining options.




SCAD Summer Seminars 2012, painting

The student experience

Dive into your summer at SCAD with this glimpse into the Summer Seminars student experience, including a schedule and itinerary of exciting activities.

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SCAD Summer Seminars 2012, fashion

Student conduct information

SCAD Summer Seminars participants are expected to uphold SCAD's reputation for excellence. Learn more about student conduct guidelines and behavioral expectations here.

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SCAD Summer Seminars check-in and welcome

Travel and transportation

SCAD is easily accessible by numerous means of transit, and both the Savannah and Atlanta locations are easily navigable. Learn more about options for getting to and from the program.

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Housing and accommodations

Explore the residence halls and housing options for participants wishing to get the full SCAD student experience by staying at either the Atlanta or Savannah locations during the program.

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SCAD Summer Seminars lunch and welcome


See the meal schedule for both residential and commuting students during the program, including the available options for your arrival and departure dates.

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Take the first step toward making your summer unforgettable. Register for SCAD Summer Seminars here.

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