Admission appeals

Applicants may appeal admission decisions only once. Those who wish to appeal an admission decision must submit the following to the Admission Appeal Committee:

  1. Letter of appeal specifying the reason for the appeal, with the applicant's student ID provided.
  2. Any updated materials that would be relevant to an appeal.
  3. At least one recommendation from a teacher, coach, guidance/career counselor or other mentor/supervisor is required. Graduate applicants should submit an additional letter of reference from an academic or professional source.

All documents must be submitted together with the letter of appeal in order to be considered. The deadline to appeal is one month prior to intended enrollment at SCAD. The Admission Appeal Committee may consist of admission staff and administrators. Appeals are considered in the order in which they are received; a final decision is rendered to the applicant within two weeks of receipt of complete appeal. Only appeals written by the student are considered.

Appeal documents may be delivered in person or by email or by mail to:

Admission Appeal Committee

Savannah, eLearning, Hong Kong
SCAD P.O. Box 2072
Savannah, GA 31402-2072 USA

SCAD P.O. Box 77300
Atlanta, GA 30357-1300 USA