Equestrian Studies minor

Equestrian Studies



Available at:
  • EQST 110 Fundamentals of Horse Care
  • EQST 115 Advanced Horse Care and Management
  • EQST 205 Principles and Theories of Riding and Training Horses
  • EQST 220 Barn Construction, Design and Facility Layout
  • EQST 305 Principles of Equine Anatomy
  • EQST 315 Equine Business Management
  • EQST 330 Equine Systems, Disorders and Lameness
  • — Directed elective *

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of the following: ANAT 100 General Anatomy, BUSI 101 Introduction to Business, SPAN 101 Spanish I: Basic Grammar and Vocabulary (or higher), WRIT 255 Business and Professional Writing, or five credits in any EQST or RIDE course(s).