Drawing minor


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The drawing minor focuses on drawing as a visual language. Required courses help students develop work that is communicative, analytical and expressive, while electives allow students to explore multiple areas of interest. Coursework encourages experimentation and self-discovery.

  • DRAW 101 Drawing II: Composition and Media
  • DRAW 200 Life Drawing I
  • DRAW 207 Drawing III: Content and Interpretations
  • — Directed elective*
  • — Directed elective*
  • — DRAW elective†
  • — DRAW elective†
  • — DRAW elective†

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of the following: ACCE 203 Sketching and Rendering for Accessory Design, ANIM 180 Action Analysis I, ANIM 302 Action Analysis II, FASH 219 Introduction to Fashion Sketching, FASH 220 Advanced Fashion Sketching, FIBR 328 Textile Rendering, FURN 232 Visual Communication for Furniture Design, ILLU 200 Drawing and Design for Illustrators, ILLU 205 Illustration Materials and Techniques I, ILLU 240 Drawing for Scientific Illustration, ILLU 315 Dynamic Visualization for Scientific Illustration, INDS 204 Rendering for the Interior, INDS 304 Analytical Design Sketching, MTJW 235 Idea Visualization for Jewelry Design, MTJW 304 Rendering for Jewelry Design, PNTG 206 Water-based Media Exploration, PNTG 207 Watercolor, PRMK 200 Introduction to Printmaking, PRMK 203 Introduction to Lithography, PROD 110 Drafting for Production Design, PROD 315 Drafting for Production Design II, SEQA 202 Drawing for Sequential Art, or SEQA 215 Materials and Techniques for Sequential Art.
† DRAW 100 Drawing I: Form and Space will not satisfy this requirement.