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2012 SCADemy Award winners announced

The Savannah College of Art and Design's film and television department announced its 2012 SCADemy Award winners on May 31. The awards ceremony honored graduate and undergraduate film students who produced short films during the academic year.

"This year's SCADemy Award show showcased a broad array of films from narrative storytelling to documentaries and experimental films," said Chris Auer, chair of the dramatic writing, and the film and television departments. "The quality of work presented this year was extremely impressive and deciding on a 'best of' was particularly difficult. All these young filmmakers have bright and exciting futures and we can't wait to follow them on their journey."

Best of the Best

The SCADemy for Best Graduate Narrative Film went to "Madly Unto Eternity," written and directed by Pikey Holdredge (M.F.A., film and television). "Madly Unto Eternity" is an action romantic comedy about a man attempting to make amends with his girlfriend by overcoming his lifelong anger issues while stopping his devious brother's plans.

The SCADemy for Best Undergraduate Narrative Film went to "Chalk Talk," written and directed by Chris Durenberger (B.F.A., film and television), which the author describes as "a film about a grandfather and grandson, lost love and coincidence run most foul."

The SCADemy for Best Documentary Film Undergraduate went to "12:15 Sunday," directed by Taylor Jenkins (B.F.A., film and television). "12:15 Sunday" is the true story of an American WWII fighter pilot who found himself alone behind enemy lines with little hope of escape. Jenkins also won Best Director for an Undergraduate Film, the first time the best directing award was given to a student for his work on a documentary.

Other winners of the 2012 SCADemy Awards were:

Best Original Score for an Undergraduate Film: Tightening Our Belts - Jaz Dixon
Best Original Score for a Graduate Film: Dawn - Azniv Korkejian
Best Costume Design for a Graduate Film: Reigning Men - Lauren Britt, Zach Sauer
Best Costume Design for an Undergraduate Film: Tightening Our Belts - Lily Shepherd
Best Production Design for an Undergraduate Film: Tightening Our Belts - Erin Murphy
Best Production Design for a Graduate Film: Dawn - Vanessa Smith
Best Cinematography for an Undergraduate Film: Tightening Our Belts - Austin Rink
Best Cinematography for a Graduate Film: Dual - Jay Osterday
Best Visual Effects for an Undergraduate Film: In Aeternam - Daniel Giraldo
Best Sound Design for an Undergraduate Film: I2:I5 Sunday - Zachary J. Burke, supervising sound editor
Best Sound Design for a Graduate Film: Home Is Here (Experimental Film) - Alexandre Chabot, Daniel Norton, Eric Williams and Mark Balderston, sound designers
Best Editing for a Graduate Film: Dual - Mark Balderston
Best Editing for an Undergraduate Film: The Restaurant Job - Nick Reichard
Best Short Film Screenplay for an Undergraduate Film: Chalk Talk - Christopher Durenberger
Best Short Film Screenplay for a Graduate Film: Madly Unto Eternity - Pikey Holdredge
Best Feature Film Screenplay Graduate: Serious Business written by A. Josh Hawks
Best Feature Film Screenplay Undergraduate: Soup Party written by Zac Cageao
Best Direction for a Graduate Film: Rearview - Wesley Caldwell
Best Experimental Graduate Film: Home is Here - Sasha Zuwolinsky
Best Actress: Echo - Dandy Barrett Best Actor: Rearview - Travis Grant

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