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Aug. 4, 2020, 8:15 p.m.

SCAD presents 'Pass the Mic: Conversations with Black Creatives - Black Beauty Matters'

The Guests and Gusto symposium "Pass the Mic: Conversations with Black Creatives" unites leading professionals for three insightful panels as they speak to their experiences in creative fields. Untangling the ways in which these industries are changing, the panelists explore the ongoing and lasting influence of the Black Lives Matter movement and how diverse voices impact and improve collaboration and creativity.

Black Beauty Matters panel
Industry leaders discuss their formative experiences with the concept of beauty, historic and contemporary attitudes about what is considered beautiful, why representation is important, and the actions needed to make the industry more inclusive.

Moderator: Julee Wilson, beauty director at Cosmopolitan

Panelists include:
Linda Arrington, former global brand GM and head of marketing of the RODIN olio lusso brand at Estée Lauder Companies
Sarah Curtis Henry, chief marketing officer at Tatcha
Sir John, global makeup artist, activist, and producer

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