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Get essential insight to guide your career at 'Guests and Gusto'

Tune in to the SCAD virtual series Guests and Gusto for conversations and content with leading cultural voices. Expand your network as you meet the creators and innovators remaking art, design, and entertainment.

All events are open to SCAD students, alumni, faculty, and staff. General public welcome.

Game-changing guests

Guests and Gusto connects you with influential professionals and future mentors who offer insight to inspire your creative work.

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Premier content

Watch and rewatch your favorite Guests and Gusto conversations.

'Guests and Gusto' with Ashley Longshore

'Guests and Gusto' with Lauren Chan and Tyler McCall

'Guests and Gusto' with Formafantasma and Aric Chen

'Guests and Gusto' with Alexi Lubomirski

'Guests and Gusto' with The-Dream and Ebro Darden

'Guests and Gusto' with Mark McCray

'Guests and Gusto' with Neil Howe

'Guests and Gusto' with Marian Macgowan

'Guests and Gusto' with Jeffrey Gibson

'Guests and Gusto' with film producer and Black List CEO Franklin Leonard

'Guests and Gusto' with artist Ervin A. Johnson and gallerist Arnika Dawkins

'Guests and Gusto' with authors of 'Meeting at the Table: African-American Women Write on Race, Culture and Community'

'Guests and Gusto' with fashion designer Rahul Mishra

'Guests and Gusto' with illustrator Mechal Renee Roe

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Stellene Volandes

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Millie Bobby Brown

'Guests and Gusto' with Sophy Roberts and Michael Turek

'Pass the Mic: Latinx Design Creatives' with design leaders Carlos Martinez and Héctor Esrawe

'Guests and Gusto' with designer and architect Arielle Assouline-Lichten

SCAD FutureProof: 'How to FutureProof'

'Guests and Gusto' with Jonathan Cohen and Sarah Leff

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Nikolai and Simon Haas

'Pass the Mic: Insider's Take — Q&A with Womxn Industry Leaders'

SCADstyle panel 'The Style Guide: Making Media Work for You'

'Guests and Gusto' with Jerry Saltz

'Guests and Gusto' with Team Christopher John Rogers

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Juliet Blake

'Guests and Gusto' with Linda Wells

'Guests and Gusto' with Roberta Smith

'Guests and Gusto' with Michelle R. Cole

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Bobby Berk

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Carrie Mae Weems

'Guests and Gusto' with Deb Spera

'Guests and Gusto' with 'Star Wars' creature maker Terryl Whitlatch

'Guests and Gusto' conversation on Patrick Kelly with Pat Cleveland, Carol Martin, and Gail O’Neill

'Guests and Gusto' with actor William Jackson Harper

'Guests and Gusto' with artist, entrepreneur, and activist Malene Barnett

'Guests and Gusto' with UX designer James Lee

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Ruth E. Carter

'Guests and Gusto' with Vanessa and Robert Fairer

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Madame Gandhi

'Pass the Mic: Latinx Design Creatives' with designers Clarice Semerene, Marisol Centeno, and Inés Guzmán and Gregory Melitonov

'Guests and Gusto' with fashion designer Christian Siriano

SCAD FutureProof: 'Elevating the Innovative Mind' SCADamp workshop

'Guests and Gusto' with 'Friends of Gene' exhibition

'Guests and Gusto' presents 'Sounds and Legacies of a Hip-Hop South'

'Pass the Mic: Finding the Green Light'

SCADstyle panel 'Clean and Green: Redefining the Beauty Industry'

SCADstyle panel 'The Future of Automotive Design'

'Guests and Gusto' with Jim Moore and Ivan Shaw

'Guests and Gusto' with Albert Watson

'Guests and Gusto' with Julie Zhuo

'Guests and Gusto' with Ane Crabtree

'Guests and Gusto' with Cindy Allen and Ghislaine Viñas

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Prabal Gurung

'Guests and Gusto' with Madelyn Cline

'Guests and Gusto' with Dustin Berry

'Guests and Gusto' with Stefan Beckman and Julie Mannion

'Guests and Gusto' with Pepsi North America design manager David Schwen

'Guests and Gusto' with Andrew Kudless and Perrier-Jouët's Axelle de Buffévent

'Guests and Gusto' with architect and technologist James Law

'Guests and Gusto' with photographer Michael Joseph

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro)

'Guests and Gusto' SCAD Cooking Challenge

'Guests and Gusto' with Roopal Patel

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Derek Blasberg

'Guests and Gusto' with actor Greg Grunberg

'Guests and Gusto' with art director Thomas Kronbichler

SCAD FutureProof: 'Now Trending: Takeaways on the Future of Tech'

'Guests and Gusto' presents 'Finding Wilderness: On Desire and Ecopoetics'

'Guests and Gusto' SCAD Alumni Atelier virtual salon showcase

SCAD presents 'Pass the Mic: The Significance of Multicultural Marketing'

SCADstyle panel 'Designing for the Big Screen' with Annie Atkins

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