May 18, 2016, 4:15 p.m.

Visit SCAD FASH with SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace

Celebrate film and fashion in this walk-through of SCAD FASH, where diverse visual perspectives emerge from the impeccable color, craft, and command of artists and designers creating within these powerful mediums.

SCAD Fashion

Explore SCAD FASH: Museum of Fashion + Film

2 weeks ago    230 views

2017 SCAD Hong Kong Fashion Showcase

4 months ago    638 views

SCAD Fashion Show 2016

1 year ago    7,385 views


2 years ago    1,393 views

SCAD fashion alumnus Ryan James Smith

2 years ago    2,095 views

SCAD Style Lab mentor William Calvert

3 years ago    306 views

Ralph Rucci

3 years ago    1,210 views

SCAD Style Lab mentor Raul Melgoza

3 years ago    295 views

Francisco Costa

3 years ago    452 views

SCAD fashion alumna Audra Noyes

3 years ago    2,594 views

SCAD fashion alumna Shira Entis

4 years ago    1,378 views

SCAD fashion alumnus Santiago Barberi Gonzalez

4 years ago    3,716 views

SCAD B.F.A. photography student An Le

5 years ago    2,681 views

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