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Nov. 6, 2020, 3:15 p.m.

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Ruth E. Carter

Every Character a Hero ... Every day in her studio, Ruth E. Carter breathes life into the threads that become iconic screen legends. That same master storytelling ability transcends to her words and presence as an artist. Long before Carter's historic Oscar win for the costume design of Black Panther, she wove magic onto the screen across decades in culture-changing films. Carter's wardrobes dazzle the viewer yet seamlessly fit into shot. She is a leading force in the film and television industry, and her most exceptional work is always surpassed by her next project. SCAD is honored to have hosted Carter at the university's Atlanta and Savannah locations, where she mentored students and worked alongside faculty. In January 2019, SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace joined Carter for this poignant conversation during one of Carter's visits to the university.

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