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Nov. 13, 2020, 8:15 p.m.

SCADcast: 'On Creativity' with Derek Blasberg

The Art of Captivation ... For many industries, 2020 was the catalyst for ingenuity and pivoting became a valuable asset. Derek Blasberg is a master of innovation and embracing change. He holds several titles, but in his position as Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships at YouTube, Blasberg facilitated a dramatic shift to bring the latest fashion and beauty directly to people’s homes, laptops, and cellphones in real time. His tremendous efforts helped elevate YouTube to an international platform that creates instantaneous connections. His up-to-the-minute work extends to the Gagosian Gallery and showcasing fine art in a virtual setting. Blasberg proves time and time again that an old school industry can be on the cutting edge without sacrificing its essential anatomy and charm.

In this live On Creativity, presented as part of the university’s Guests and Gusto series, Blasberg joined SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace in a virtual conversation before an audience of SCAD students and community members. The two explore the differences between social media platforms, how a channel can set itself up for success, and how the current fashion and beauty trajectories will continue in the near future.

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