June 2, 2017, 3:45 p.m.

SCAD FASHWKND Savannah Runway Show 2017

Relive the excitement of the SCAD Savannah Runway Show, a juried celebration of fashion featuring premier SCAD School of Fashion senior and graduate student collections. This event was presented as part of the inaugural SCAD FASHWKND.

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Original music by SCAD alumnus Helado Negro (B.F.A., computer art, 2003).

SCAD Fashion

SCAD FASHION 2019 √Čtoile Phillip Lim

4 months ago    59 views

Phillip Lim at SCAD FASHION 2019

4 months ago    69 views


4 months ago    1,016 views

Cynthia Rowley at SCAD FASHION 2019

4 months ago    91 views

SCAD FASHION 2019 √Čtoile Cynthia Rowley

4 months ago    50 views

SCAD FASHWKND 2018 redefines the runway

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SCAD FASHWKND Savannah Runway Show 2018

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Explore SCAD FASH: Museum of Fashion + Film

3 years ago    2,531 views

2017 SCAD Hong Kong Fashion Showcase

3 years ago    1,609 views

SCAD Fashion Show 2016

3 years ago    9,946 views


4 years ago    1,613 views

SCAD fashion alumnus Ryan James Smith

4 years ago    2,502 views

SCAD Style Lab mentor Raul Melgoza

6 years ago    368 views

SCAD Style Lab mentor William Calvert

6 years ago    369 views

Ralph Rucci

6 years ago    1,326 views

Francisco Costa

6 years ago    651 views

SCAD fashion alumna Audra Noyes

6 years ago    3,598 views

SCAD fashion alumna Shira Entis

6 years ago    1,800 views

SCAD fashion alumnus Santiago Barberi Gonzalez

6 years ago    4,109 views

SCAD B.F.A. photography student An Le

8 years ago    3,851 views

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