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Oct. 24, 2016, 9 p.m.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Say It With Music’ - Creating a Musical Virtual Reality Experience

Simone, a timid waitress, uses music as an instrument of change to revive a monotonous fine dining restaurant and enliven its stuffy owner, Gustavo. Throughout the evening, Simone discovers she has an unexpected connection with an upbeat waiter named Nathan, who shares her lyrical passion.

This musical was inspired by Irving Berlin's "Say It With Music."

Through the use of virtual reality, the film’s makers were no longer confined to a single, composed frame. They developed a 360-degree immersive movie-watching experience.

This innovative, cinematic approach allows for the creation of multiple story lines and captivates viewers in an unprecedented way.

This film allows audiences to look behind the curtain and see how technology, artistry and creativity are melded, producing an entirely new viewing experience.

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