Feb. 21, 2013

aTVfest 2013

SCAD Atlanta hosts the inaugural aTVfest to showcase the dynamic breadth of Georgia's television production industry and SCAD's academic degree programs in film and television, dramatic writing, performing arts, sound design, and more. SCAD also honors veteran stage and screen performer Phylicia Rashad with the Outstanding Achievement in Television Award.


Go Behind the Screen at 2017 aTVfest

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aTVfest 2014

3 years ago    1,767 views

Jeffrey Walker at aTVfest

4 years ago    1,932 views

Hoon Lee at aTVfest

4 years ago    8,418 views

Laurie Holden at aTVfest

4 years ago    4,002 views

Phylicia Rashad at aTVfest

4 years ago    149 views

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