Upcoming career workshops

The climb to the pinnacle of your profession begins at the office for career and alumni success, which hosts employer visits, the annual SCAD Career Fair, expert panel discussions, and more to prepare you for greatness.

Oct. 18

Discover impact and importance of diversity in major companies at 2019 EMBRACE Conference

Meet representatives from Chico's, Facebook and more for a day of dialogue on diversity in the professional world.

Oct. 18

Engage your audience with SCAD Path Professional Presentation Workshop

Attend this workshop led by SCAD communication coaches Nona Lee Davis and Eric Hunicutt to hone your conversation skills.

Oct. 18

Make compelling team presentations at SCAD Path Professional Presentation Workshop

Achieve more as a team with effective communication and collaborative skills in this SCAD Path Professional Presentation series wo...

Oct. 22

Discover how ArtAsiaPacific profiles the next art and design stars at employer presentation

Join representatives from the art and culture magazine ArtAsiaPacific for a panel discussion on how the magazine highlights the ta...

Oct. 23

Shake up the future of brand identity at Superunion industry talk

Join Superunion senior strategist Cecylia Grendowicz and digital creative director João Seabra for an insightful talk about brandi...

Oct. 24

Explore new perspectives from current SCAD students at SCAD Talks

Join fellow SCAD students for an evening of eloquent and passionate stories at SCAD Talks, a quarterly lecture series at SCAD Hong...

Oct. 24

Design your ideal career at Dorothy Draper & Company employer visit

As the first interior design firm in the United States, Dorothy Draper & Company revolutionized the profession and paved the w...

Oct. 25

Establish your presence at SCAD Path Professional Presentation Workshop

Transform into a confident and effective presenter with the leadership of SCAD communication coaches Nona Lee Davis and Eric Hunic...

Oct. 25

Discover your voice at SCAD Path Professional Presentation Workshop

Explore the use of vocal techniques and exercises for effective communication with Nona Lee Davis and Eric Hunicutt.

Nov. 1

Follow the journey of SCAD faculty to Hong Kong at SCAD Talks

Discover how a select SCAD faculty member channeled professional success into elite education at SCAD Talks.

Feb. 21, 2020

Savannah, Georgia

Your dream opportunity awaits at SCAD Career Fair 2020

Connect with reps from more than 150 companies from around the world as they seek talented candidates for a wide range of art and ...

April 17, 2020

Bring top talent to your ranks at SCAD Hong Kong Interview Day

This once-a-year recruitment event gives you access to a wealth of art and design graduates ready to bring enthusiasm and innovati...