Before the fair

Sign up to volunteer

Volunteering at the Career Fair allows you to develop professional skills, network with representatives from top companies and build your résumé. Sign up here.

Take inventory

Consider your strengths, your relevant skills, your goals, the companies you are interested in and your desired career path within those companies. Prepare your "elevator pitch" or "one-minute commercial," and come prepared to sell yourself.

Preparation workshops

Participate in a career and alumni success workshop to learn what you can do to prepare for the SCAD Career Fair 2013. For more information, browse the complete list of Career Fair workshops.

Polish portfolio

Prepare your résumé, portfolio and/or work samples. Get feedback from professors on the quality of your portfolio and recommended areas of improvement. If you need assistance in preparing your résumé, attend workshops offered through the office for career and alumni success at SCAD. Use the online Tool Kit or schedule an appointment with your career advisor to fine-tune your résumé and other leave-behind materials.

Research opportunities

Understand how your talent and skills relate to what the employers are looking for in candidates. Develop those skills that you are lacking. Thoroughly research your target companies and gather background information so you can conduct impressive conversations with company representatives.

What to bring

Prepare several copies of your résumé — enough for all employers with whom you want to talk with, plus a few extras. Bring your portfolio, leave-behind pieces, writing samples and a list of references.

Need more help?

For questions about SCAD Career Fair 2013 or how to schedule an appointment with a career adviser to prepare for the event, email the office for career and alumni success at SCAD.