Students and alumni

Internships allow students to gain real-world experience outside the classroom, learn more about an organization and develop industry contacts. These opportunities often give students the chance to be considered for full-time positions.

Your career adviser is available to assist you with your internship search. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Choosing the right internship

Narrow your career interests. Target possible fields through informational interviews and research. Use resources at the SCAD office for career and alumni success.

Creating a learning contract

A learning contract clarifies expectations and enables employers to understand how they can nurture your professional growth. Defining goals can guarantee that you gain the most from the internship.

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Internships with international employers

International internships often require formal paperwork that documents the terms of employment. French employers, for example, require a "convention de stage" to be signed by the employer, the intern and SCAD. If you have secured an international internship, please contact the office for career and alumni success as soon as possible so that we may put you in touch with the proper personnel to assist you with this paperwork before you start your internship.

Secrets to a successful internship

Set up regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss your progress. If a scheduled meeting is not feasible, check in periodically with your supervisor to ask questions and solicit feedback.

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