Second year: executing your professional plans

  • Make sure your résumé or curriculum vitae is effective and up-to-date. Make an appointment with a career adviser to review your application materials.
  • Finalize your portfolio or demo reel. Ask for feedback from a career adviser and faculty members. Invest your time, energy and skills into making this a quality piece that highlights your multiple talents as an artist.
  • Continue to attend events related to your desired profession. Network with other professionals and learn about available opportunities.
  • Enter your work in festivals, shows, professional conferences, exhibitions and competitions to gain visibility and feedback from others.
  • Evaluate the internship experience to identify the type of employer with whom you are hoping to find full-time, part-time or freelance career opportunities in art and design.
  • Complete your master's project/thesis. This in-depth project not only should meet the requirements of your degree program, but also should be considered as a tool that highlights your strengths to a potential employer.

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