First year: exploring your specific field

  • Use our career resources and research companies listed on the job portal.
  • Discuss your interest areas with faculty members and seek feedback as to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Attend exhibitions, workshops and conferences related to your field. Learn what other artists are doing, stay abreast of current events in your field and think about how you can contribute to the field.
  • Seek out and join a professional organization related to your major. You also may consider joining a committee within that organization as well. Networking with other professional artists is important, particularly if you are going to begin a job or internship search. Other artists may be able to inform you of unadvertised opportunities.
  • Participate in an internship in your field. Gain on-the-job skills and develop positive working relationships with potential colleagues. The internship facilitates entry into the job market.
  • Sign up for Career News┬áto be updated regularly on employment and internship opportunities.