Study abroad at SCAD Hong Kong

How to apply

Students from all SCAD locations are encouraged to take advantage of the unique opportunity to live and study at SCAD Hong Kong; students can log into MySCAD to view the schedule for upcoming quarters. Students applying for a visa must have three (3) on-ground courses to be eligible for a student visa.

Before applying, a signature must be obtained from your adviser on the Hong Kong "Advising Confirmation and Campus Transfer" form contained in the application. You may find the application by logging into MySCAD > Student Workspace > SCAD Study Abroad channel > "SCAD Study Abroad Online Application" link.

Selection criteria

Students are required to be in good academic standing in order to be considered for SCAD study abroad programs. Spot availability in classes will also determine their acceptance. In addition to submitting a completed application, students must have their class selections approved by their student success adviser or graduate adviser via an "Advising Confirmation" form. Students will be prompted by the application system to upload this form. Interested applicants should schedule an appointment with their adviser before completing the application.


University housing at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences is limited and assigned upon successful completion of the application and visa process, including supporting documentation and adherence to the draft due dates. Students who do not wish to live at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences should make his or her own arrangements in finding and securing housing. It is necessary to denote an address when completing the visa paperwork; student visa applications without a valid Hong Kong address cannot be approved by immigration. In some cases, proof of dwelling will be required.

Visa information

Non-Hong Kong citizens are required to obtain a visa prior to studying in Hong Kong. The SCAD study abroad office will assist students with the visa process, inform students on the various documents needed to complete the visa paperwork and submit the application on their behalf. Although SCAD provides thorough visa assistance, the university cannot guarantee the issuance of visas as this will be determined by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. SCAD will not submit visas that do not meet the criteria as outlined by the immigration department. Student visa application materials and deadlines will be provided upon acceptance into the SCAD Hong Kong study abroad program.


Tuition for study abroad coursework at SCAD is the same at all locations and covers the cost of a premier arts and design education through classroom instruction and interactions with existing leaders in your field.

View undergraduate tuition and fees at SCAD Hong Kong, and see your student success adviser for an academic and financial overview.

View graduate tuition and fees at SCAD Hong Kong, and see your graduate adviser for an academic and financial overview.

Transfer deposit

The non-refundable transfer deposit fee of US$875 includes cost for housing and visa processing. Students should not pay this transfer deposit until the final visa has been submitted to the study abroad office as indicated in their acceptance letter. Students who do not intend to live in university housing, or those who have paid the annual housing deposit, should still pay the US$875 transfer deposit. This fee will be applied to the charges on said students' bill for the term of study.


Students have the option to reside at SCAD leased apartments at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences. Students who do not wish to live at Gold Coast Residences should make their own arrangements and be prepared to list a valid Hong Kong address on their visa paperwork. Applications without an address will not be approved by immigration. In some cases, proof of dwelling will be required.


Each program participant can arrange his or her own flight to and from Hong Kong or have SCAD handle the travel arrangements. Estimated flight costs range from US$1,600 to US$2,100. Students who book travel through SCAD will receive a minimum charge of US$1,600. Detailed travel policies are explained in the acceptance materials. SCAD travel arrangements must be submitted before the deadline as indicated. Students should plan to book travel after the official acceptance notification into the program has been received.