Student health clinic

In Savannah, Memorial Health University Medical Center operates a minor illness clinic for SCAD students. The student health clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner.

Currently enrolled students are treated and tested at a minimal cost for a variety of common ailments such as colds, earaches, asthma, sinus infections, minor gynecological complaints and small abrasions.

The clinic is not equipped for emergency or other critical situations. In these cases students should seek help through 911 or visiting the emergency room at Memorial Health University Medical Center or St Joseph's/Candler Hospitals. In emergency situations EMS will be contacted to provide transportation.

There are also two UrgentOne centers that are located at 14089 Abercorn St., 912.350.2121, in Savannah and 110 Medical Park Drive, 912.748.1515., in Pooler, as well as Urgent Care of Historic Savannah located at 144 Lincoln St., 912.234.3714.

Atlanta and Lacoste students also have health services through local medical practitioners.

For more information on the Memorial Health University Physicians SCAD Student Health Center, including location and hours of operation, visit its web page or call 912.231.9956.

In case of emergency

Call 911

Memorial Health
University Health Clinic

Urgent One - Memorial Health Medical Center
14089 Abercorn St.
Savannah, Ga.

Memorial Urgent Care in Pooler
110 Medical Park Drive
Pooler, Ga.

Urgent Care of Historic Savannah
144 Lincoln St.
Savannah, Ga.