Become a SCAD Card merchant

SCAD Card is used to access a variety of services at SCAD, including SCAD Cash, an account-based debit card system. SCAD Card is the official identification card for SCAD students, faculty and staff, and each one features an individual nine-digit identification number. There are nearly 100 vendors who accept SCAD Cash, and many of our vendor partners offer discounts to SCAD Cash users.


Increased payment options and security

Merchants who accept SCAD Card can be sure of the cardholder's identity because SCAD Card includes a picture ID. With transactions linked directly to cardholder accounts, merchants are assured of payment for all valid transactions.


Merchants listed on SCAD’s website

There are no advertising opportunities available to the general public on the SCAD website, but SCAD Cash participants are listed on the SCAD Card Merchants pages for SCAD Savannah and SCAD Atlanta. Merchants are also listed on SCAD's internal website, MySCAD.


How to use the SCAD Card Merchant System

The merchant agrees to furnish, at his or her own expense, the Internet service necessary to access the SCAD Card Merchant System. A Verifone vx570 credit card processing terminal will be needed. This machine can be purchased through the SCAD Card Services or acquired independently. A merchant with the available Verifone vx570 hardware need only to provide the SCAD Card office with the serial number of the machine in order for the appropriate software to be downloaded to it. There is a one-time programming fee of $100.

The merchant agrees to pay SCAD a commission based on weekly SCAD Card transactions. SCAD pays the merchant on a weekly basis, less the commission. Payment is made to merchants each Friday based on the previous week's transactions. The merchant receives payment through direct deposit.

Apply to become a SCAD merchant

To become a SCAD Card merchant, complete the SCAD Card merchant application and mail it to:

SCAD Card Center
P.O. Box 3146
Savannah, GA 31402 USA

For more information, email SCAD Card Services or call 912.525.6157.

This information summarizes the benefits of the SCAD Card Program but does not constitute an offer from SCAD. This information is subject to change at any time.