The Terrace

128B E. 63rd St.
Savannah, Georgia


This two-story, coeducational apartment community houses approximately 400 transfer, graduate and upperclassman students and is located at 128B E. 63rd St. The Terrace offers apartment-style living with one-bedroom apartments for two students and two-bedroom apartments for three students. Each apartment features air conditioning, one bathroom, a kitchen with refrigerator, oven and microwave, twin-size beds that can be bunked, a cable outlet, a drafting table, a stool and a dresser/chest of drawers for each resident. Local Internet access is available, and modems are provided. The Terrace offers a basketball court, picnic tables and a sand volleyball court. The community is adjacent to Habersham Village where various amenities can be found. Some of these amenities include a grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant, laundromat and post office. A meal plan is not required.

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