Arnold Hall, exterior, SCAD Savannah

The Big Think: A Curious Evening with Faculty

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013

Arnold Hall, Auditorium

Savannah, GA

1810 Bull St.

Join three liberal arts professors as they discuss literature, ethnography and the concept of art.

“True Comrades: Jack London, George P. Brett, and the Macmillan Company”
As editor, mentor and friend, Macmillan president George P. Brett had more influence than anyone on American writer Jack London’s publishing career. Drawing on his archival research sponsored by a SCAD Presidential Fellowship for Faculty Development, professor Kenneth Brandt will explore how their partnership developed into one of the model editor-writer duos of the 20th Century.

“Westernization, Chinization and Hybridization: A Case Study of Togo”
Professor Désiré Hounguès has returned from ethnographic fieldwork in Togo where he investigated the concepts of hybridization, westernization and Chinization. Based on research conducted during his SCAD sabbatical,  Hounguès will discuss each of these concepts in relation to his ethnographic findings in the field.

“Chimpanzee Paintings and the Concept of Art” ¬
During the 1950s, famed artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro bought paintings done by Congo, the chimpanzee painter at the London Zoo. They thought of Congo as the quintessential intuitive painter, while Belgian philosopher Thierry Lenain argues that chimpanzee paintings cannot be regarded as art. Professor John Valentine will explore the very nature of art, Lenain’s theories and the chimpanzee as artist.

The event is free and open to the public.