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Guests and Gusto speakers Julie Christeas and Jonny Blitstein

'The Production Scene Goes Green' with Tandem Pictures C-suite on 'Guests and Gusto'

Join in conversation with Tandem Pictures founder and CEO Julie Christeas and COO Jonny Blitstein as they break down how to approach sustainability in film and TV. The film and television industry continues to evolve its on-set practices to reduce the carbon footprint created by productions. From basic practices such as reusable bottles, hybrid crew vehicles, and LED lighting to more advanced techniques such as the types of set-build materials costume disposal are proving that eco-friendly practices have a big environmental impact. Tandem Pictures is the first indie film studio with a mission of zero-waste and net-zero carbon emissions. In this SCADFILM workshop, Christeas and Jonny Blitstein break down how to approach sustainability, sharing key techniques for creating a green set based on the model utilized on their productions. Follow Tandem Pictures on Instagram @tandempictures.

About Tandem Pictures
Since 2010, Tandem Pictures has elevated and given a platform to misrepresented and underrepresented ideas. We are filmmakers, driven by justice and representation for both people and the planet. We strive to not only tell stories, but to share learnings with the industry in order to grow positive filming practices across our community. Past films include acclaimed festival films The Surrogate, Blood Stripe, The Eyes of My Mother, The Sleepwalker, Wildlike, Ghost Team, and more.

Julie Christeas
Julie Christeas is the founder and CEO of Tandem Pictures. She has produced several feature films including Blood Stripe (Jury Prize for Best Narrative Film, LA Film Festival 2016), Wildlike starring Bruce Greenwood and Brian Geraghty (HIFF), and The Sleepwalker starring Christopher Abbott and Brady Corbet (Sundance 2014/IFC). Julie also executive produced The Eyes of My Mother (Sundance 2016/Magnet Releasing) and Monogamy (Best NY Narrative, Tribeca Film Festival 2010). Among other films Julie has produced are the documentary Dukale's Dream starring Hugh Jackman and Ghost Team starring Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, Justin Long, Amy Sedaris, and Melonie Diaz, released through The Orchard. Julie recently produced Bushwick Beats, which premiered at the Bushwick Film Festival in October 2018. Upcoming projects include recently filmed The Surrogate, several other features, and a documentary with James Harden of the Houston Rockets, co-produced with Uproxx. Prior to Tandem, Julie was the Executive Vice President of Production and Development at Bushwick Beats, which premiered at the Bushwick Film Festival.

Jonny Blitstein
Jonny is the COO and co-owner of Tandem Pictures where he has stewarded the transformed mission and go-to-market strategy. He recently ran a yearlong partnership with Walmart's Vudu streaming platform and secured original content partnerships with Mark Ecko's Complex Media, and The New York Times. Prior to Tandem, he was VP Branded Entertainment at Sony Music/Astronauts Wanted and ran branded entertainment for Starcom at Maker Studios/Disney, ideating, managing, and executing original short-form content with name talent across platforms worldwide for Fortune 500 brands such as Walmart, Wendy's, Sprint, and LucasFilm. He previously worked at Oracle (formerly CrowdTwist) and built the Agency Partnerships, which led to the creation of Marvel Insider Loyalty Program. In 2006, Jonny produced and directed the 35mm feature Let Them Chirp Awhile. The film stars Justin Rice and Brendan Sexton, and was an opening night film at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2007 among others and played theatrically in the U.S. before Netflix. He also produced a micro horror film Another Kind, which also was distributed by Netflix. Upcoming projects include recently filmed The Surrogate, several other features, and a documentary with James Harden of the Houston Rockets, co-produced with Uproxx.

About 'Guests and Gusto'
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