Printmaking professor instructing student at printing press

Meet faculty and staff, tour inspiring learning environments and explore SCAD Lacoste at SCAD Day

SCAD Lacoste


Rue Saint-Trophime

Explore SCAD Lacoste, one of four global SCAD locations, and learn more about award-winning academic programs, classroom settings and vibrant student life at SCAD Day.

At SCAD Lacoste, study abroad students live and learn in meticulously restored historic buildings updated with today’s latest technology, including a digitally connected library, printmaking and photography labs, studio and lecture classrooms and more. With light so pure it has attracted artists since the 15th century, Lacoste offers creative rejuvenation in a beautifully preserved French medieval village.

This event is free and open to prospective students and their families. To attend, RSVP at reservationlacoste@scad.edu or call 800.869.7223 or +