Arnold Hall, SCAD Savannah

Hear about professor Stephen Geller's upcoming opera at SCAD Story Hour

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017

Arnold Hall, theater

Savannah, GA

1810 Bull St.

Join this SCAD general education professor as he details his latest work, "Heidi: The Opera." Geller wrote the libretto for this opera that he saw and heard in a dream, and he is now writing the music. A question-and-answer session, book sale and book signing will follow his discussion.

An accomplished screenwriter, he is known for his work on "Slaughterhouse-Five," "Ashanti" and "The Valachi Papers." He's also published a number of books, including the novel series "Jews at the Table, Volumes One and Two."

This event, presented by the liberal arts department, is free and open to SCAD Card holders.

Email professor Angela M. Brandt at amerta@scad.edu for more information.