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Daily health check

SCAD students and employees utilizing university spaces must conduct a daily health check and symptom monitoring before attending class or visiting a SCAD building. The daily health check is sent by email daily via Qualtrics and asks students and employees to self-identify possible COVID-19 symptoms, such as coughing, elevated temperature, and shortness of breath.

Important: All students and employees are required to complete this health assessment and show their "Cleared" health pass each day that they wish to enter a SCAD building. If you have not completed this assessment today and are unable to present your "Cleared" health pass when prompted, you will not be allowed to enter SCAD buildings.

Cleared health pass

SCAD students and employees who report being free of symptoms receive a "Cleared" health pass and are able to visit university spaces. Students and employees must complete the health check and receive a "Cleared" status each day they intend to visit a SCAD location.

Not cleared health pass

Students and employees who report possible COVID-19 symptoms receive a "Not cleared" health pass and are prohibited from visiting SCAD spaces. Students and employees with symptoms who may have been exposed to COVID-19 should isolate and contact the SCAD Department of University Safety for next steps. The SCAD contract tracing team will then contact students and employees in isolation, allowing for tracking, notification, and connection to testing and health care resources.



Students, faculty, and staff receive daily reminders to complete the required health check via email notification. A link to the daily health check can also be found in the SCAD app and MySCAD.