SCAD Lacoste Winter 2015 courses*

ADVE 210 Understanding Client Objectives

ADVE 304 Art Direction I 

ADVE 334 Art Direction II

ADVE 352 Popular Culture in Advertising

SCOM 490 Directed Collaborations

ADVE 723 Digital Culture for Advertising Designers 

ADVE 729 Art Direction

ADVE 779T Graduate Teaching Internship

Art History
ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence

ARTH 391 Medieval Art and Architecture of Provence
ARTH 3XX Art History Elective

DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio

DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing

Graphic Design
GRDS 229 History of Graphic Design 

GRDS 348 Graphic Design Studio I

GRDS 400 Graphic Design Studio II

SCOM 490 Directed Collaborations

ILLU 306 Book Illustration
ILLU 330 Poster Design and Illustration

ILLU 365 Illustrative Approaches to Printmaking

SCOM 490 Directed Collaborations

ILLU 760 Poster Illustration
ILLU 779T Graduate Teaching Internship

Sequential Art
SEQA 215 Materials and Techniques for Sequential Art

SEQA 355 Franco-Belgian Comics

SEQA 382 Visual Storytelling
SEQA 472 Directed Studies in Sequential Art

SCOM 490 Directed Collaborations

SEQA 772 Directed Studies in Sequential Art

SEQA 779T Graduate Teaching Internship

*Subject to change based on professor availability.