Summer Seminar accommodations


Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from SCAD Summer Seminars. Atlanta and Savannah are easily accessible by airplane, train, bus and automobile. A shuttle service is available for $25 (nonrefundable), providing transportation to and from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and SCAD Savannah, or the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and SCAD Atlanta. Shuttle service is offered on check-in and checkout days at specific times. Students should not make travel arrangements until written confirmation of acceptance has been received. Transportation is not provided between SCAD locations.


SCAD Summer Seminars students are permitted to bring cars, but these must remain in SCAD parking lots during the program. Students are not permitted to drive cars during the program. Transportation to and from class and activities is provided.


Students arrive and check in at the residence hall between 4 and 5 p.m. on Sunday, the first day of the program. International students may arrive one day before check-in but must notify the SCAD Summer Seminars office at least three weeks prior to the start of their session.


Residential students must vacate assigned rooms by 10 a.m. on Saturday, the last day of the program.


The program offers double occupancy housing in a SCAD residence hall. Rooms are equipped with beds, drafting tables and private baths. Bed and bath linens are not provided; however, linens are available for purchase during online program fee payment. Each student is assigned a roommate; no exceptions are made.

A professional residence director and resident assistants supervise students in the residence hall.


All students are assigned a resident assistant at check-in. Each RA is responsible for a group of students and reports to a professional residence director. Security guards are posted at the residence hall entrance 24 hours a day. A current SCAD ID card is required for access to any SCAD building/residence hall.


Residential students are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday in a SCAD dining hall. Dinner is provided Sunday; continental breakfast is provided on Saturday. Commuting students are provided lunch Monday through Friday.

Lunch for students who arrive early on Sunday is not included, but may be available for purchase.

Activities/free time/curfew

SCAD Summer Seminars students have limited free time. At 7 p.m., students are required to be in the residence hall for the evening activity. After 11 p.m., students are required to be in their assigned rooms. Between workshops, students have lunch and are encouraged to participate in planned activities that may include campus tours, academic program demonstrations, cultural outings, shopping and social events.

Student conduct

Smoking is prohibited at SCAD Summer Seminars and in all SCAD facilities, including classroom buildings and residence hall rooms/hallways.

SCAD maintains a zero tolerance policy for all illegal activities, including possession or use of drugs or alcohol. At the discretion of the university, any student in violation of policies or otherwise creating an unsafe or unproductive climate is dismissed from the program.


Only family members and other SCAD Summer Seminars students are permitted to visit in the residence hall. Overnight guests are not permitted.

Workshop format

Workshops may include demonstrations, lectures, studio work and local field trips. Students have access to SCAD's extensive facilities, resources and libraries. Supplies are provided. Students participate in two different workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Families are invited to view student work from all workshops displayed at a closing exhibition Friday evening. Details are provided at check-in.

Students select workshops online after they are admitted to the program and the initial online program fee payment is submitted. Students are placed according to availability and receipt of the initial program fee. Students are notified of their workshop placement approximately two weeks prior to the start of their session.