SCAD Lacoste Spring 2015 courses*

Art History
ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence

Architectural History
ARLH 353 The Architecture of Provence

Foundation Studies
DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio

DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing

FIBR 170 Fibers Studio: Textile Structures, Materials and Techniques

FIBR 334 Local Cloth, Local Color

FIBR 441 Advanced Travel Studio in Fibers

FIBR 730 Graduate Local Cloth, Local Color

FIBR 745 Studio Issues in Fibers I: Research and Development

Historic Preservation
HIPR 445 Emerging Issues in International Preservation
HIPR 729 International Preservation Seminar
HIPR 734 Preservation Rehabilitation
HIPR 745 Emerging Issues in International Preservation

Industrial Design and Design Management
SDES 490 Collaborative Experiences

SDES 791 Collaborative Experience for Graduate Students

IDUS 215 Contextual Research Methods

IDUS 355 Sensory Awareness
IDUS 711 Methods of Contextual Research

Interior Design
INDS 350 Interior Design Studio IV

INDS 413 Professional Practices in Interior Design

PHOT 317 Photographic Travel: The Foreign and the Familiar

PHOT 319 Photography Project Seminar II

PHOT 324 Documentary Photography I

PHOT 475 Photography Senior Project

PHOT 706 Documentary Photography I

PHOT 719 Photographic Arts I

PHOT 722 Photographic Arts II

PHOT 736 The Photographic Travelogue

PHOT 753 Photographic Arts III

PHOT 764 Photographic Arts IV

PHOT 775 Photographic Arts V

*Subject to change based on professor availability.