SCAD Challenge winners

Each year, emerging young artists showcase their talents and produce inspiring pieces of work for the SCAD Challenge competition.

Below are the 2017-18 SCAD Challenge winners and SCAD scholarship recipients.

First place 2-D design, Meghan Hoffmann, "Seed of Inhumanity"


Second place 2-D design, Olivia DeFazio, "Listerine"


Third place 2-D design, Elise Allen, "Madonna With Child"


First place 3-D design, Sarah Vargas, "Hummingbird"


Second place 3-D design, Phoebe Sun, "Eden"


Third place 3-D design, Emma Randall, "Venus"


First place architecture and industrial design, Ashlee Martinez, "Adidas trade show booth"


Second place architecture and industrial design, Daniel Blanco, "Temere Greges"


Third place architecture and industrial design, Daisy Qian, "Fragile Skin"


First place fashion and accessories, Beverly August, "Wool Unraveled"


Second place fashion and accessories, Patrick Bragg, "Silver Beneath the Soot"


Third place fashion and accessories, Liying Cheng, "Tattoo"


First place film and animation, Robinson Gonyea, "Eye on Forever"


Second place film and animation, Madeleine Periut, "Pork Soda"


Third place film and animation, Quinn Fluet, "Wake Up"


First place graphic design, Olivia Lunger, "Liv Samson and the Hurricane"


Second place graphic design, Hannah Harris, "Rulebreaker"


Third place graphic design, Frances Brown, "Glass Animals Vinyl - Pilot"


First place performing arts, Kristen Dowling, "Performing arts challenge"


Second place performing arts, Alycee Wilder, "Something Artistic"


Third place performing arts, Savannah McIlrath, "When I Have Sung My Songs"


First place photography, Jacob Rudolphi, "Monsters of the Night"


Second place photography, Christian Sanchez, "Spiraling Vibrancy"


Third place photography, Brian Huynh, "Peace"


First place writing, Hannah Sotnek, "Santa Fe (Someday)"

Second place writing, Harley Fisher, "Inside Out and Back Again"

Third place writing, Elona Elkabetz-Riner, "Colton"