Direct Loan Confirmation Policy

SCAD utilizes "active confirmation" on all student direct loans prior to crediting the loan to student accounts. This process requires the student to accept the loan amount(s) he or she would like to borrow for the specified aid year. If any changes are made to the loan amount(s) prior to the loan crediting to the student's account, the loan is reset to "offered" status and the student must accept the new loan amount. The loan must be accepted prior to the end of the ninth week of class to ensure adequate processing time before the term ends.

After the loan is credited to the student's account, SCAD utilizes "passive confirmation" on all student direct loans. In this process, students must notify the student financial services department if, after receiving notification that the loan amount has changed, they no longer choose to receive the loan. SCAD sends students an updated award letter as notification of changes to financial aid.

Direct loan amounts can change upon further review of eligibility, generally resulting in funds being reallocated between subsidized and unsubsidized loans. If the student no longer wishes to receive the loan, return payment must be made to SCAD and the loan is returned to the source.