Book provision policy 2012-13

Pell Grant recipients may be eligible for finances to purchase books and supplies prior to the end of the first week of class. To be eligible, students must have received the Pell Grant, must have a Federal Title IV credit balance for the quarter, and must have met all requirements for disbursement 10 calendar days prior to the start of the quarter. Eligibility is reviewed each quarter.

Once a student is determined eligible for the book provision policy, they have access to their credit balance (up to US $800) via their SCAD Card account.

A federal Title IV credit balance is created when all federal financial aid funds exceed allowable charges (tuition, housing and meal plan) for the quarter.

An eligibility review is completed approximately 10 days prior to the start of the quarter. A student financial adviser will e-mail eligible students letting them know they are eligible for the book credit. Active confirmation is required; meaning you (the student) must respond to the e-mail requesting that the credit be applied to your SCAD Card account. You can specify the amount you want, up to your maximum available, as indicated in the e-mail. If you have not previously completed a SCAD Card and debit account agreement, you must complete one to receive the credit. The credit is added to your SCAD Card on the first day of class and can be used at SCAD's bookstore, Ex Libris.

If you do not want a book credit applied to your SCAD card, you do not need to do anything.

If you withdraw or cancel your classes, you must return the funds to SCAD.